Themed wedding planning program

/December 2021

Themed wedding planning scheme means that when setting up the wedding, there is a theme set, and then the wedding is handled according to this theme. This is the theme wedding. And plan planning refers to a plan made for this wedding. Most of the plans are designed by wedding companies. It is not cheap to have a good plan. But here are a few good solutions for your reference. Themed wedding planning program

There are many themed wedding planning schemes, and a unique wedding can be made according to the different needs of each person. However, many may not be able to ask professional people to help design the plan due to funding and other various problems, but don't worry, here we will provide you with one or two very practical planning plans. Let's take a look together.

First, the theme of the wedding is to spend the rest of your life with you. The whole theme is to hope that the newly married couple can spend the next life together simply and happily. The whole process of the wedding is, first the host makes the opening speech of a wedding and then plays the new couple on the screen every bit of the process from meeting to an acquaintance. Go back to the fond memories of the past. The newcomer's admission will follow immediately, according to the host's arrangement. Next is the most important time, when the two parties exchange tokens and pledges to this marriage. At this time, it was replaced by the parents of both parties to preside over the process. Finally, the wedding was completed under the witness of many people. The new couple gave a speech and played a small game. Then ready to start eating. The whole themed wedding planning process is probably like this. You can also add some activities with your own characteristics. These are all very good ideas.

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Second, this themed wedding planning program is based on the theme of the church, that is, the wedding is held in the church. This wedding method is very popular in Western countries, but recently it has gradually begun to be widely accepted in our country. If you like this culture very much, then this plan is great for you. You can sprinkle petals on the carpet, or find two little flower girls, and invite a priest to witness this marriage. The bride is personally handed over to the groom by his father, and then sworn in and so on. This is the general plan for this church wedding. This scheme is relatively simple.

The above two themed wedding planning schemes are to be shared with everyone, hoping to give some small suggestions to those new people who have no idea.