Wedding audio set

/October 2021

Most people want to organize wedding celebrations beautifully and without losing the standard, but when they see the cost of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of wedding companies, they feel "horribly high". Some people think that the wedding company only needs to plan the wedding. The wedding audio package is used to set off the audio-visual atmosphere and create a romantic mood on the spot: namely, speakers, mixers, equalizers or audio processors, math amplifiers, vocal effects, and Buying a set of microphones for own use or renting is also not at a loss. But be careful not to think that what is expensive is good. It is the most realistic one according to your own needs. Wedding audio set

Everyone's wedding is big or small, but the difference lies in the number of people. If you are indoors if you calculate by about 200-300 people, it is enough to buy a pair of double 15-inch full-range speakers in the wedding audio kit; if it reaches about 500-600 people, you have to use two pairs of double 15-inch speakers. Frequency speakers.

In fact, the audio system used in wedding celebrations does not need to be too complicated. There are also many suggestions and solutions for the configuration of wedding audio kits. If it is only used for regular weddings, the way most people are willing to accept, it is recommended to use dual 15 full-range speakers (power 700W) A digital power amplifier with a power of 1500W A mixer with effects, plus a set of wireless microphones and 8-channel power sequencer. The processor and equalizer mentioned above are not necessary for this kind of uncomplicated sound reinforcement system, because they will not have much boosting effect.

I often see netizens on the Internet saying that if they want to purchase a wedding audio set and only about 10,000 yuan, how to choose? I want to tell you here: With so much budget, only domestic brands can be purchased. If the four-piece set (speaker, microphone, amplifier, mixer) in the wedding audio set is calculated at 12,000 yuan, the average price of each piece is around 3,000 yuan, and you can only choose domestic mid-range products. In fact, "strengthening the strengths and avoiding the weaknesses" for effective selection/configuration is still very "good quality and low price". The speaker is the "facade", you need to pay attention to quality and quality, the recommended price is around 4000 yuan; while the mixer as long as it has the effect of reverberation without amplification (8 channels), the price is only 1000 yuan; as for the digital amplifier Calculated by 300W per channel, the price is about 2500 yuan. Finally, the microphone is now wireless, so you must choose U-frequency. Compared with V-frequency, U-frequency has stable performance, strong anti-interference, and reception The advantages of long-distance have become more popular products.

The above suggestions are just taking the civilian route. If you don't care about the money for the wedding audio set, you can actually ignore it. After all, a wedding is just a ceremony, and the future marriage life really requires careful management and careful planning.

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