Wedding background arrangement

/October 2021

The wedding background layout refers to the layout of the background walls in several areas of the wedding site. The design of the background wall of the wedding must be consistent with the main colour of the whole style of the wedding. On this basis, the background wall must have its own characteristics, which can leave a deep impression on people. The design of the background must have a theme, it is best to tell a story so that the background will be more meaningful. Wedding background arrangement

The wedding background arrangement can be said to be a big project. This project is usually completed by a professional wedding company. The work efficiency of the wedding company is very high, and the task can be completed in the shortest time. There are many styles and styles for the background layout. Different styles and styles use different layout materials. Let's talk about what materials can be used for the background layout.

One: gauze and curtain cloth, gauze is a very light yarn material, the use of this arrangement material is mainly to lay out a kind of fairyland feeling, the use of gauze can cover the unnecessary fixed background wall of the original hotel or It is other obstacles, plus some beautiful metal crown decorations, and the stage is like the princess's bedroom. Although the decorative effect of the veil is not as good as the veil, it can also create a high-end quality. The veil can be used on the background wall of different areas to present a simple and gorgeous.

Two: Roses, you will definitely see roses at weddings, such as red roses, pink roses, purple roses and so on. Roses can be used in large quantities to form a heart-shaped background wall of roses, which has a very good meaning and represents the groom's love for the bride. You can also use roses to create different styles, such as a few simple rose bouquets to decorate the background wall. If you think bright roses fall easily, you can also use dried flowers or fake flowers.

Three: Balloons. Fairy-tale princesses who like romance also love balloons very much. They yearn to sit in a hot air balloon with their beloved and fly to higher places to enjoy the more beautiful scenery. It is very suitable for girls who like balloons to use balloons as background walls. Balloons can be used to make a variety of styles, presenting a simple innocent romance.

When you choose the materials used for the wedding background layout, you can think about which style you like and what kind of effect you need to create to ensure that the created wedding scene is suitable for your favourite wedding scene.

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