Wedding big screen layout

/October 2021

The wedding large screen layout refers to the layout method of the large screen on the wedding scene. Big screens are required for weddings. It can be said that weddings without big screens are not perfect enough. The large screen can make the wedding more high-grade, and can also make the content of the wedding more colourful. So how should the wedding big screen be arranged? Wedding big screen layout

The wedding large screen layout is carried out in combination with many factors, such as the venue, the design of the wedding theme, the budget of the wedding site layout, and so on. So what are the layout techniques for the wedding big screen?

One: Wedding big screen layout, background video, the big screen is not necessary to show the wedding photos of two people, it can still create a beautiful effect. Some veils can be designed in front of the big screen so that the big screen can be completely blocked so that the effect of the wedding on-site stage is like the decoration effect of the stage, which is more real. In addition to the veils, you can also use some floral art, which can make the stage seem like a dreamy fairyland, making people so intoxicated.

Two: the wedding big screen layout, video playback, video playback, there is no need to make too much decoration and layout, you can place two small screens next to the big screen, so that it is like the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, which can be made even more The magical stage effect, playing the wedding photos of the couple, is set off by the beautiful scenery next to it.

Three: the wedding big screen layout, virtual video playback, can help the new couple virtual wings or wedding rings at the wedding, etc., these will make the whole wedding more beautiful, and more modern, which can very well improve the quality of the wedding.

Four: The wedding large screen layout can also be matched with some projections so that the effect created will be more dazzling.

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Of course, if it is a bare wedding big screen, it is also very unsightly. You can use veils or flowers made of green leaves to arrange the wedding big screen, so the effect of the big screen is very beautiful. However, if it is said that the large screen does not directly show up to the guests, there is no need for additional decoration, because the large screen itself has a very good effect of attracting people with content. I hope the above content can help everyone to decorate their wedding scene with a high-end style.