Wedding ceremony music

/November 2021

In the wedding ceremony, you must pay attention to what kind of song to put in the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony music is the soul of the wedding, and the beautiful and moving tunes can infect and exaggerate the anger on the scene, so you should do it before choosing the wedding ceremony. Adequate preparations and different styles of music should appear in different links to enhance the atmosphere. So what kind of music should I choose for the wedding ceremony? Wedding ceremony music

On the day of the wedding, after the bride and groom enter the hotel, the first step is to join hands after the guests are seated. This time is the most eye-catching moment of the bride and groom’s day. The bride and groom also cast envy and blessing eyes. At this time, beautiful music is indispensable to set off the atmosphere. "Wedding March" is a very suitable song. It can be said to be a classic song in wedding celebrations. Of course, this song is a bit old. If you don’t want to follow the tradition too much, you can choose the popular songs at the moment, such as "Just met The climax of songs such as "You" and "Finally Waiting for You".

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Of course, if you like Chinese weddings, the bride and groom can choose the classical song "Shengge Le Tanabata", which is a very good ancient song, very suitable for Chinese weddings. For western weddings, you can choose some refreshing songs such as "Happiness", "Flowers on the Sea" and so on.

When a pair of newlyweds exchange rings, they should also use appropriate songs. At this time, the exchange of rings symbolizes and promises to each other. The scene is more moving. It is necessary to show people's expectations and blessings, so the choice of music should be Affectionate styles are more suitable, with a beautiful melody and a confession. Like many English songs "What A Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong, "And I Love You So" Elvis Presley, etc. are very suitable. English songs can instantly elevate the level, giving people a high-end atmosphere and a high-end feeling.

There are many songs suitable for weddings. The current popular songs provide modern couples with more choices, such as "Today you are going to marry me", "Love you more every day", "Dream wedding", " I like the way you are now" and so on, some warm and romantic weddings are open. Generally, these choices are prepared by the wedding staff in advance, but if the new couple has requirements, they can communicate with the wedding in advance in order to achieve good results.