Wedding day itinerary guide-2

/October 2021

➤ 9:00~9:40

The groomsmen and best man group began to grab the relatives, greet the relatives, enter the door, and meet the relatives together. It is recommended that the time be within 30 minutes.

After the game is over, the groomsmen and best men begin to look for the wedding shoes hidden by the bridesmaids. The time to find the shoes is about 10 minutes. (When you can't find it, remember: there is nothing that can't be solved by red envelopes, if there are, then two!)

After finding the wedding shoes, the groom must first kiss the bride’s beautiful feet, and then put on the wedding shoes for her~

Then you can kiss your bride! Uh, it seemed to have kissed the foot just now. . .

➤ 9:40~10:10

Tea to the bride’s parents and elders (also to grandparents), the bride bids farewell to her parents, and the couple take a photo with their parents. The bride and bridesmaids are done! The next step is to get the father-in-law and mother-in-law~

Generally, after the tea ceremony, the parents will give the bride and groom red envelopes or give the bride gold and silver jewelry.


After finishing the dowry, the best man, bridesmaids, brothers and sisters put all the dowry items on the wedding car together. When the bride goes out, the parents send the bride to the wedding car.


When taking the wedding car to the bridegroom's house, the photographer can have a wedding car with the couple, and the couple in the wedding car can also take some photos and group photos.


Arriving at the groom's house, the bride crosses the brazier. The couple offered tea to the elders of the groom's parents. The couple received red envelopes and gold and silver jewelry and took a photo with their parents.


Then the couple feeds each other the glutinous rice balls, dumplings, red dates and longan sweet soup cooked at the groom’s house, etc.


All staff has lunch; all staff rest to prepare for the following work (photography, videography, brothers and sisters); new couples must take a rest, especially the bride, it is good to be confused for a while.

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