Wedding day itinerary guide-3

/October 2021


The newcomer arrives at the hotel and begins to dress up, change styles, and touch up makeup.


Location shooting time of bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen

You can also take photos in the arranged wedding scene before the guests arrive.

If the bride wears a Chinese style when she goes out, now she has changed to a wedding dress, the location here can be added to the first look link~


During the wedding rehearsal, it is best to participate in the wedding rehearsal for the newlyweds, parents, best man, bridesmaids, flower girls, witnesses and other people who will participate in the wedding.

But you only need to go through the wedding ceremony roughly once. The oaths, thank-you notes, and the details of the bridegroom's kneeling can be eliminated, so as not to lose a lot of moving moments during the actual wedding.


The couple arranged to check the things needed for the wedding, holding flowers, rings, etc.;

If the bride needs to change the wedding dress, he should hurry up to change dress and make-up. The groom can go out to welcome guests first.


The couple stood in the sign-in area to welcome guests. When guests arrive, they start to sign in, take a group photo with the newcomer, and arrange an usher to guide the guests into their seats. The big projection shows wedding electronic photo albums and growth videos.


1. The wedding ceremony enters the countdown stage, and all the staff at the wedding site and those involved in the wedding are in place.

2. The wedding ceremony officially begins

The ritual part of a Nanjing wedding is usually divided into three stages:

The first chapter of love (a marriage proposal, stepping into the ceremony table, asking oaths, exchanging rings, kissing gifts, etc.)

The second part of thanksgiving (marriage testimony, parents' speech, change of mouth, thanksgiving, a toast to the audience, etc.)

The third paragraph of thanks (toasting for newcomers, performing arts interaction, etc.)


The toast should start from the main table close to the stage and toast backward in sequence; if the bride and groom guests sit separately, generally the male guests first, then the female guests, when toasting the female guests, they should return to the front main table and start to toast backwards in sequence; The newlyweds smiled at the door to see off the guests;

The general coordinator of the banquet settles accounts for the hotel, wedding team, etc. (It is recommended to prepare in advance and use an envelope for distinction).

The wedding ended successfully!

Of course, good friends in the back can sing, dance, and set off some small fireworks together to have a party for the young people after the wedding.

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