Wedding light show music

/October 2021

Before the wedding officially kicks off, it usually opens in the form of a light show. And the music here is naturally an indispensable factor. Wedding light show music is to choose a piece of suitable music under colourful lighting conditions. This kind of collocation can play a very good effect of adjusting the atmosphere, and let the whole wedding officially kick-off. Wedding light show music

Many people may find it difficult to choose music for weddings. Because how to choose a suitable wedding light show music? There are corresponding skills, not all music is suitable. Especially in this kind of wedding environment, the music still needs to match the rhythm of the lighting, so more preparation is needed. So how do choose a suitable wedding light show music?

One: The style of music.

The so-called genre of music is actually the type of background music. Everyone knows that on formal wedding occasions, it will be more festive. Therefore, you should choose a matching music style, which is lively, simple, and festive. This feature is naturally a better choice. It must be remembered that you cannot choose some sad types of tracks. Because such an effect may have a certain counter-effect, and it is not suitable for a festive occasion such as a wedding. It may even make guests feel very uncomfortable.

Two: the rhythm of the music.

If you just choose some simple and lively music style, then it can be used as background music only, why should it be used as background music for the opening light show? In fact, this involves the rhythm of the music. It is recommended that you choose some songs with a strong sense of rhythm, because this can represent a lively style, and can create a strong dynamic effect with the lighting. Then this effect can play a better role in the wedding scene, I believe it can also greatly mediate the atmosphere of the scene and make everyone more active.

Generally speaking, the choice of wedding light show music should be considered from the genre, rhythm and other aspects. Of course, it is also necessary to make adjustments according to the newcomer's own preferences and needs. It is recommended that if you have arranged a wedding company, you can also consult the opinions of the wedding company to choose a piece of more suitable background music based on your own preferences and needs. In this case, the opening light show concert will be more perfect.

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