Wedding lighting and sound

/October 2021

The problem of wedding lighting and sound is the consideration of the influence of the lighting and sound on the overall effect of the whole wedding. At the same time, how to design and arrange them to finally coordinate the whole wedding. There is no way to completely separate the two methods. They are both important factor, which is worthy of serious consideration and preparation in the early stage. Wedding lighting and sound

For a formal wedding, the lighting and sound effects of the wedding will greatly affect the feelings of the guests. I don’t know if you have participated in this kind of wedding with good effects. In fact, the sound and lighting effects should be good. If there are problems in these two areas, it will make the whole wedding look a little imperfect. So how can we make these aspects better?

The first thing to consider is the lighting of the wedding.

Lighting is a very important factor in the entire wedding scene. Because whether it is the opening show, the speeches in the middle process, or the show performances in the hot scene, these all need the cooperation of lighting. And the role of the lighter is also very prominent. Here, it is necessary for the lighting division to try to connect the position and colour of the light and the expected effect in advance during the rehearsal. If the wedding is held in a hotel, then the appropriate lighting can also make the photogenic effect of the couple more attractive. So its role is self-evident.

The second thing to consider is the sound of the wedding.

In fact, the two parts of lighting and sound cannot be completely separated. In the wedding scene, there will be a lot of festive background music, so you need to debug the audio equipment in advance. We must ensure that there are no problems with the impact on the wedding scene, including the speeches of the host and guests, and the playing of music. These all need good sound effects to set off. If conditions permit, you can also add some warm-up programs on site. Therefore, the coordination of lighting and sound is even more important. Coordinating the lighting and music effects in advance can make the whole wedding more perfect.

Generally speaking, many people ignore the problems of wedding lighting and sound. In fact, even if the wedding company is contracted, everyone should be more concerned during the rehearsal process to ensure that there is no problem with the wedding lighting and sound. Only in this way can your own wedding have a more shocking effect. Don't let your wedding leave regrets because of insufficient equipment and preliminary work.

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