Wedding lighting arrangement

/October 2021

Wedding lighting arrangement is an important aspect of the wedding scene that needs to be arranged. There are many general types of lighting designs. For example, follow spotlights, moving headlights, etc. Different types of lights will correspond to different needs and have different effects. Therefore, there is better matching of lighting effects at the wedding site, which will have a very large impact on the effect of the entire wedding. Wedding lighting arrangement

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I believe anyone who has attended a wedding knows that lighting effects are very important to the effect of a normal wedding. If you choose a suitable light, then how to light in a suitable position, these issues will become the key issues that everyone needs to consider. And during the preliminary preparation, it is necessary to adjust the light angle. So what angles should the wedding lighting layout start from in order to achieve the best effect?

One: Follow spotlight

The design of the following light is a must. Because in the on-site wedding activities, there may be guest speeches and other links, and there will be some wonderful programs interspersed, so the follow-up light requires the lighting engineer to follow the protagonist on the spot and move. Only in this way can the purpose of highlighting the protagonist be achieved. If there is no such follow spotlight, then it may make the performers on the stage more embarrassed, and there is no outstanding effect.

Two: beam light

Secondly, the application of beam lights is also relatively extensive. As the name suggests, this kind of lamp actually emits a lot of light beams. It can have a very good visual effect at the wedding scene and bring a good visual experience to the audience at the whole scene. Generally speaking, wedding companies will do this kind of wedding lighting arrangement in advance. With the effect of beam lights as a foil, the effect of the entire wedding scene can be more biased towards a banquet model.

Three: Dye lamp

There is also a wide range of applications for dyeing lamps. The dyeing lamp is mainly adjusted according to the colour matching. Generally speaking, a wedding will have a core theme. It needs to match the colours of the surrounding decorations, and it has a great effect. This kind of light can adjust its colour and emit different colours of light according to different needs, so it can play a good role in matching the effect of the entire stage program.

In fact, as the preparatory work, there is more than just the wedding lighting. The role of light is no longer simply the role of lighting. It should play a more important role in the entire wedding scene, including mediating the atmosphere of the entire program and cooperating with the host's entire process design. Therefore, the wedding lighting arrangement is a link that should not be ignored, and it is a part of the preparatory work that needs to be considered.