Wedding music recommendation

/October 2021

Wedding music recommendation refers to a few goods and appropriate music recommendations played at the wedding. The music played at today’s weddings is not all in Chinese, but some English songs are also added. Some highly educated and experienced overseas students will like to play the songs of their own country of study or the songs of their favourite country. Your own taste conveys your own understanding of love. Wedding music recommendation

The wedding music recommendations I want to talk about today are naturally the music used by young people at their weddings, and the music used by young people should be determined according to the taste, identity and background of the young people. So which wedding music is more suitable for different groups of people? Let's talk about it in detail below.

One: Highly educated people, Richard Clayderman’s dream wedding, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, VK’s sunflower’s prayer, Korean songs that want to live with you, and I will make you smile, etc. are all very good of. The choice of music at the wedding can be determined according to your own preferences and the country where you are studying so that people can feel a different high-quality sense of participating in the wedding of highly educated people.

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Two: Ordinary people with academic qualifications, take me to your heart, I wanna be with you when a man loves a woman, finally wait for you, little luck, let’s get married, simple love, etc. are all good. The wedding of college students also needs to be at their own educational level, and the songs must be chosen with profound meaning so that they can be unforgettable.

Three: People with low academic qualifications, today you want to marry me, beautiful, small forever, our small world, marry you, etc. are all good. In fact, weddings held by people with low academic qualifications mainly present a kind of warmth and love.

I believe that many people will feel that the editor is a bit snobbish when they see the wedding music recommendations above, but there is nothing wrong with the recommendation of the editor. If people with low education choose Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, it is estimated that they will feel that the newcomer It's pretending, so the impression left by it is even worse. The music played at the wedding actually reflects the taste of the new couple on the other hand, and whether the new couple pretends or not is very clear to the guests. One piece of music can let the guests see the new couple clearly, so it is recommended that the new couple should be careful Go choose the music used at the wedding. In addition, it is best for newcomers to listen to the lyrics several times before they are familiar with the lyrics, so as not to be embarrassed by the host's questions.