Wedding sand painting customization

/December 2021

Wedding sand painting customization refers to the use of sand paintings as part of the wedding process. Sandpaintings can be based on the memories of the bride and groom as the background. Along the way, the ups and downs, smiles, and tears are all his (her). accompany. The wedding sand painting depicts beauty, it describes the story about you and me, which only belongs to us... Customized wedding sand painting

Next, let's take a look at what expressions the wedding sand painting customization can have in the wedding process!

1. Just before the wedding begins, first set off the atmosphere of the scene and turn on the background music. The sand painter describes the bride and groom from the first meeting, familiarity, acquaintance and love, and finally entered the marriage palace. This process may be dull or passionate and romantic, but it is a kind of memory, and it will quickly substitute relatives and friends present in the wedding so that everyone can feel the difficulty of the bride and groom walking together.

2. It can be carried out through live joyful performances as an entertainment program. This is used after the wedding ceremony. Guests are carried out while tasting wine and delicacies. It makes people feel extremely comfortable, so that not only can they be present. Guests have fun, and on the screen, you can add the newcomer’s love story content, as well as their surnames, first names, etc., you can also join the newcomer’s family members, relatives and friends, etc., and you can even hand-paint the VIPs present on the scene so that everyone has one. This kind of wedding participation, at the same time, let everyone have a happy mood, and can feel the happiness of the new couple.

3. There is also a more sensational or abusive operation, which is a sensational interpretation. The groom or the bride can give each other a gift or surprise through the hand-painted images of the sand painter. This is a very distinctive one. Kind of operation. At the wedding, the groom narrated to the sand, and the bride’s eyes were always filled with happy smiles and emotional tears, of course, tears of happiness. This is a scene of true feelings and a portrait that will always be hidden in the heart. Therefore, this moment is also worthy of being remembered forever by the sand painter by hand.

The above three kinds of wedding sand painting customizations can be said to have their own characteristics, and they can express different effects and on-site atmosphere in the wedding. You can choose according to your own personal preferences and give your love and eternal life through the careful operation. Unforgettable different wedding sand paintings.

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