Western-style wedding arrangement

/October 2021

Western-style wedding arrangement actually refers to the arrangement of the wedding scene like a Western wedding. Chinese people are very curious about Western civilization, and as people's vision opened up, they began to admire Western-style weddings. Western-style weddings are relatively simple, and Western-style weddings symbolize holy love, so Western-style wedding decorations are mainly white. Western-style wedding arrangement

Contemporary young people like western weddings very much, because western weddings can wear beautiful wedding dresses, and getting married is not as tiring as Chinese weddings, so you can have a better marriage experience. So Western-style weddings are all decorated with Western-style weddings, and what is the specific arrangement method?

One: Flower decorations on the table. The table used in Western weddings must-have floral decorations. This floral decoration should be placed in the centre of the table, and only one floral decoration can be placed on each table. It should be noted that large floral decorations can easily block the sight of guests, so floral decorations must be of the right size. Western wedding tables are mostly round or rectangular, and there are also square ones. Pay attention to the matching selection of floral decorations.

Two: Candles. Candles are also used in western weddings. This candle is mainly matched with flowers, which can present a very romantic and holy feeling. The world is more beautiful because of the light, and the soft and bright light brought by the candles can set off the wedding scene more warm and romantic.

Three: Napkins. The napkins on Western weddings must be folded into a square and placed on the dinner plate, and the napkins must be placed next to the knife and tied with a ribbon or napkin buckle.

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Four: Utensils, the utensils used in Western weddings should all have simple patterns, and the colours must be uniform. Moreover, the overall colour of the wedding table must be matched. A white plate can be used, which will make the colour of the dishes on the plate brighter and stimulate people's appetite.

After seeing the above western wedding decoration method, do you all understand it? In fact, Western-style weddings mainly use flowers and white gauze tents. These two kinds of weddings can be arranged to create a very romantic and beautiful wedding scene. Of course, the scene of a Western-style wedding can also be decorated with some other ornaments, as long as it is Western-style ornaments. In order for the Western-style wedding scene to be very special and exquisite, you must find a professional wedding planner from a wedding company to carry out exclusive planning and design to make your wedding scene extremely beautiful.