Western-style wedding mother dress

/December 2021

Two mothers will naturally be an important task in the wedding. They become the focus of the wedding together with the bride. How should the dress of the newlywed mother be chosen during the wedding? How to match the western-style wedding mother's clothes? In fact, the most important thing when choosing a western-style wedding mother's clothes is to highlight the mother's dignity, but not divorce from the coordination of the wedding theme. Let's learn more about it below. Western-style wedding mother dress

1. Choose by skin colour

1. When choosing a western-style wedding dress for mothers, you must choose the right colour. Generally, mothers are elderly and their skin is already a little reddish, so nude colours should be avoided, and some blue and purple dresses are more suitable. Young man's temperament.

2. Moms with fair complexion can choose brightly coloured dresses.

3. Mothers with dull complexions choose dark cheongsam to set off their complexion.

In addition to colours and fabrics, try not to choose silk, cotton, linen and other fabrics, because such fabrics are prone to serious wrinkles.

As an ideal infusion of romantic and elegant, mature style guest apparels used for wedding party are essential for any lady. Benefit now from the utility and simplicity mixes.

Two, choose according to body shape

In addition, when choosing a wedding mother's dress, it must be selected according to the mother's figure. Each mother's figure will be different. Therefore, the choice of dresses should be based on their own circumstances.

1. If you are a thinner mother, you can choose some simple and generous clothes, such as a narrow skirt will be the best choice;

2. For mothers who are fatter, you can choose some long skirts with a narrow top and a wide bottom. The high-waist style is the best, and you can correct your figure.

In addition, the matching of accessories should also be reasonable, such as matching jewellery, shoes, bags, etc. are also very important.

Three, accessories matching

As a mother, you can wear some noble-looking accessories, such as pearl necklaces or small items such as shawls that match the clothes, or a luxurious gold bracelet, but newcomers don’t have to worry at all, you can choose not to choose traditional big ones. Gold bracelets, there are still many small gold bracelets that are suitable, and the price will be lower than those cheesy gold bracelets. After the wedding, mothers will not feel very cheesy when wearing them, and naturally, there will be no wasteful feeling. A smaller gold bracelet will make the whole wrist look very small and delicate. This allows the mother's elegance and nobility to be expressed in her gestures.

In short, the general idea of choosing mothers’ clothes is elegant, young and energetic, and can be worn on other occasions because most mothers are diligent and thrifty at home and don’t like a waste. For mothers, their own makeup and dressing at their children’s wedding are also very important.