What content should be included in the preparation of the wedding performance?

/October 2021

More and more new couples are beginning to think that the content preparation of wedding performances is also an extremely important thing, so let’s take a look at the programs or content of common wedding performances today?

1. Reappear the proposal scene at the wedding

A proposal scene will be staged at the wedding so that everyone can witness the result of your beautiful love. At this time, it is not only the bride but all the guests present who will be moved by it.

2. Make a micro movie at the wedding

I believe that no girl does not like romance, so if you want a creative wedding show, you might as well make a micro-movie that records the beautiful moments of your love! Of course, it takes some time and energy, and you have to ask professionals to help you complete it...

Three, sing

Everyone is familiar with singing. It is one of the most common programs in the current wedding, because it is better arranged, and it can also mobilize the emotions of the guests, making the wedding scene more festive, lively, and warm, so it is deeply loved. Everyone's favor and like.

Fourth, dance

In addition to singing, you can also choose dance, because it can not only drive the atmosphere of the scene but also has a commemorative significance. For example, dance is the national standard dance at a western wedding, which not only has a high interaction rate but also highlights warmth and warmth. Romantic wedding atmosphere.

Five, lucky draw

Newcomers can prepare some cards in advance and place them at the check-in desk. When the guests sign in, ask the guests to leave their names, and then put the cards into the lottery box. When the ceremony is halfway through, the host will choose the guest to come to the stage to draw the lottery. If the guest wins the prize, he must come to the stage to receive the prize and randomly check the next lucky winner. Isn't this very fun?

Six, magic show

Everyone knows about magic, it is a very interactive show, because magic performers can change some interesting magic according to the atmosphere of the scene, and require guests to participate in it, which is not only meaningful but also promotes the atmosphere of the wedding banquet, so it is favored and recognized by the newlyweds and friends.

7. Band performance

If the economic conditions are good, you can invite the band to perform live, which will not only arouse the guests’ emotions but also create a dreamy and warm atmosphere, making your wedding more memorable.

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