What is a wedding lighter

/October 2021

The role of the so-called wedding lighting engineer is actually to have a clear design and plan for all the lighting effects that will be used in the entire wedding. The specific application in the operation process is very cumbersome, including the use of various lights, the positioning of the characters, and the playing of music. Wedding lighter

Presumably, everyone will feel a little strange when they hear the name of the wedding lighter. In fact, this role is also an indispensable role in the entire wedding process. From a general perspective, he is responsible for the layout and debugging of the wedding lighting effects. From the perspective of details, he and the lighting patterns required for each link must cooperate with each other. The following is mainly from two aspects to remind everyone that the position should be paid attention to.

First, the lighting arrangement of the wedding lighting engineer.

Lighting arrangement is a very important part of the wedding, and the quality of the lighting can play a very important role in the wedding. Imagine that if the lights did not catch up to the couple, or even some low-level mistakes occurred, then it would undoubtedly be fatal to the entire wedding. Therefore, the lighting engineer needs to understand the structural characteristics of the venue in advance, and where the lights should be arranged in order to play a better role without affecting the overall aesthetics.

Second, the lighting selection of the wedding lighting engineer.

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Everyone knows that on formal wedding occasions, the choice of lighting is also rich and varied, some may be chasing light, and some may be fixed beams. Different lighting effects will have very obvious differences, and the colour of the light is also an important factor, so it needs to be decided according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, the lighting engineer should communicate well with the newcomers in advance, and it is best to be able to carry out some simple rehearsals. In this way, you can basically understand the lighting required by the main process, and try to avoid accidents on the spot.

Of course, although the preparations are quite adequate, it is inevitable that some unexpected situations will occur sometimes. So the key point is how to effectively resolve it. I believe this requires an experienced lighting engineer. Even if there is a problem with some kind of lighting, we should strive to supplement another lighting without affecting the overall effect. The above two aspects are the precautions of the wedding lighting engineer, and they should be prepared in advance before the wedding begins.