What kind of gift is better for the wedding banquet lucky draw? Reference for the wedding lucky draw

/October 2021

The wedding day generally consists of two parts, the first half of the ceremony and the second half of the interactive part. The part of the wedding ceremony is solemn and sacred, and the interactive part is naturally lively. How to make the interaction lively? At this time, interactive games, lotteries, and performances are needed to drive the atmosphere of the audience~

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1. The main points of choosing the lucky draw gifts on the wedding scene

1. Purchase quantity

The number of gifts and the number of wedding banquet tables can be more, so you don't have to worry about not being enough, and you don't have to worry about sending them out. The atmosphere at the scene will be very warm~ like setting up 20 tables for wine, just add a little bit to the gift of 20~ but don't exceed too much, which may make the draw time too long.

2. Purchasing direction

It is generally recommended to choose practical small items, pay attention to different categories of guests, and predict what they like according to guests of different ages. At the same time, different grades of prizes are set up, and the price is increased, which will make the atmosphere of the scene gradually warm up.

3. Buy on budget

Newcomers should control their budget in the gift section, otherwise, it is easy to exceed the budget. According to the set budget, choose gifts with corresponding prices.

2. List of lucky draw gifts at the wedding scene

1. Daily-use gifts

Bedding, quilt (cool summer quilt, winter quilt), vacuum flask, glass crisper cover, towel, electric toothbrush, soap, toiletries, etc.

2. Practical appliance type

Small appliances: egg steamer, hairdryer, Bluetooth speaker, power bank, health pot, electric kettle, juicer, soy milk maker, mini electric stew pot, humidifier, air purifier, etc.

3. Electronic product type

Tablet computers, mobile phones, sweeping robots, balance vehicles, drones, etc.

4. Exclusive gifts for women

Perfume, cosmetics (can be lipstick, eye shadow), skincare products, etc.

5. Creative gifts

Condoms, local specialities, chicken-eating equipment, snack packages, etc.

6. Red envelopes

Cash red envelopes, lottery tickets, etc.

7. Regular gifts in large quantities

Plush toys (large, medium and small dolls), small red envelopes in cash below 50 yuan.

3. Precautions for the purchase of lucky draw gifts at the wedding

1. Quality

All types of gifts, especially home appliances and practical gifts, must be of high quality because they are products that are used daily, so you must pay attention to them.

2. Clarify guest preferences

Determine the type of guest. If it is mostly elderly or elders, give practical health-preserving gifts. If there are many young people, it is more popular to choose creative or electronic products. Small dolls are a must!