What pits should be paid attention to when choosing a wedding company

/December 2021

1. The wedding case shown to customers is not a real case, but a specially processed picture, which has no reference value. 2. There are various hidden consumptions, such as extra charges for late-stage props and so on. 3. Commitment to one-to-one service, but the wedding planner often fails to arrange in the later stage, which affects the wedding progress. What pits should be paid attention to when choosing a wedding company

1. Exaggerate false propaganda

In order to solicit guests, many wedding companies release very beautiful photos of the wedding scene arrangement and even mark them with extremely low prices. However, when it comes to the wedding scene, it is an extremely exaggerated "buyer show", which is really a world of difference. Such false propaganda by the wedding company is actually very unreliable. Don't be deceived by these illusions. Newcomers must remember to conduct on-site inspections, and don't trust the design drawings and processed pictures.

2 Second invisible consumption

In order to attract customers, many wedding companies promote the so-called "one price, all-inclusive", and the new couple only needs to pay once, and all the expenses can be covered. But in fact, it may only include the main service fees, and other invisible consumption such as necessary props are not available. In the end, the newcomer has to pay for this invisible consumption. Therefore, when signing a contract, the newcomer must confirm the subscribed service items and confirm whether there are any hidden items.

3. One-to-one wedding service

Many wedding companies will advertise that their services are one-to-one VIP services, which sounds very good, and many newcomers are very concerned about this type of service. However, the actual situation is that in the later stage, many planners of wedding companies are busy or other reasons, planners will not arrange in time, which will affect the whole wedding preparation process. Therefore, it is recommended that when determining the wedding company, the new couple must confirm the process plan with the wedding company in detail, and pay according to the completion ratio and time. In addition to obtaining the contact information of the planner, the contact information of other persons in charge during the entire wedding planning process should also be obtained and kept in touch.

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