What should I pay attention to during an engagement celebration?-1

/October 2021

Speaking of the most confusing and tangled part of the wedding, the wedding election can be ranked in the top three. Faced with this or that choice, newcomers will always have a lot of questions. I don't know how to communicate and negotiate with the wedding company or how to arrange the venue. In addition to the four diamonds, what other details should be paid attention to? What kind of catwalk, LED screen, lighting is suitable for your wedding...? Today, let's take a look at the knowledge points that you must know during the engagement celebration for popular science! What should I pay attention to during an engagement celebration?

1. T station

1. How to choose a T station? First of all, it depends on whether your venue is suitable for the runway. In the following four situations, it is best not to use the runway:

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①The entrance to the stage is not a straight line or the distance is very short (<10m). The bride walks in a wedding dress for a short distance, so there is no need to use a catwalk.

②Wedding banquet<10 tables, there are not a few tables on both sides of the T stage, the T stage is more abrupt here.

③The floor height is less than 3.5 meters, and the space is inherently small. If you add the height of the runway itself, it will give people a sense of depression.

④The length from the entrance to the stage is more than 20 meters. In this case, the cost of a runway is higher, which may not be cost-effective.

2. If the T station is not available, how should the channels be arranged?

① Laying carpets. You can spread the carpet with the same colour as the wedding theme, and you can also print your wedding logo.

②Put flowers. The scattered petals are very suitable for a flower sea wedding, but the cost is higher, the passage is shorter or the budget is sufficient.

3. What are the classifications of T stations?

①Wooden T-table: It is laid with wooden boards, and can be covered with fabrics, carpets, flowers, etc. in the same colour as the wedding theme. The price is relatively affordable, and it is suitable for all kinds of weddings.