A miniature snow wedding at the Hamilton Hotel in Switzerland

/September 2021

Natalie and Timo met and fell in love in a new classic way through a dating app. 

As time went on, their relationship took them around in Italian minivans. 

One night, on this beach, in the thunderous weather light, Timo knelt on one knee in front of Natalie and said he would. 

Their happiness and love should be celebrated as freely as they feel. 

An intimate mini wedding with only ten people. 

Wedding guests will be sent to Switzerland overnight and go directly to the Hamilton Lodge in the magical snowflakes of the Alps. 

This was in September, and it is said that this has not happened in 20 years. 

As a result, the wedding in the autumn Corona era turned into a gorgeous winter wedding. 

Luckily, my sister is a photographer because these fascinating photos were taken by her, Jaypeg of Jasmin and her husband Mathias Klohr, and second photographer Laura Patricia Photography. 

These dreamy photos show us once again that love is day and night because happiness jumps out of the picture. 

We were just incredibly happy that we were able to achieve everything we planned in this crazy era and thought it was incredible luck. 

Due to the frequent cooperation between Natalie's sister and Labude, the wedding boutique is also the first pass. 

The style of the modern ambitious bride's wedding dress is completely in line with Natalie's taste. 

This will be the first wedding dress she will try on, and she will combine it with another dress to create the perfect dream dress. 

The clear structural lace is paired with floral elements, passing through the bride's two-piece blouse with half-long horn sleeves. 

The silk skirt flows to the ground along the outline of the bride. 

Modern and comfortable, leisure and elegant exist at the same time, can be called this unique wedding dress combination. 

Timo's wedding suit, from MASSNAHME K ö ln, matches the autumn wedding atmosphere in color. 

Personal details make his clever look more perfect, with a double-breasted brown vest and fine striped twill. 

Our wedding was amazing, unexpectedly cold, very special. 

The appearance of the modern country style is perfectly reflected in the position. 

The bride's stationery invited the wedding spectacle of this autumn. 

This is supposed to be an Indian summer-style autumn micro wedding. 

But the gift of alpine snow in September turned the celebration into an indescribable beauty and uniqueness. 

Flowers designed by Myawina also appear in the bride's hair, focusing on eucalyptus green, carmine, orange, and warm autumn tones. 

The floating flowers remind people of the old photos in their memories and perfectly highlight the atmosphere of the modern countryside. 

Dried flowers make the arrangement more perfect. 

The wood from the floor to the table is covered with a warm decoration, showing perfect intimacy and comfort. 

The hanging candles gather together to form a romantic sea of lights. 

The vegetarian wedding menu chosen by the bride and groom is also special. 

After the wedding ceremony, the party by the crackling fireplace was also wonderful. 

Will you have a special party for your wedding?

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