Chinese wedding scene

/January 2022

The on-site layout of a Chinese wedding is the soul of the entire wedding. Some of the decorations, the main colour arrangement of the wedding site, decorations, etc., can only show the taste of a Chinese wedding. In addition to the etiquette inheritance, the current Chinese wedding needs to restore the formal sense of the previous wedding in the setting and design, so as to create an authentic Chinese wedding. Chinese wedding scene


Nowadays, more and more people are more inclined to Chinese weddings, on the one hand, because Chinese weddings are more solemn, and on the other hand, they are grounded. In recent years, the form of Chinese weddings has also undergone great changes, from the previous red tape to the current simplification process focusing on form. Under the impact of modern weddings, Chinese weddings have also undergone great rectification. Nowadays, Chinese weddings are very relaxed, ritual and interesting, combining the etiquette of the ancients with the ease and pleasure of modern people. People want to make the entire Chinese wedding ceremony more stable and ceremonial. In fact, the key lies in the layout of the Chinese wedding scene.

First of all, the layout of the Chinese wedding scene should start with the main colour. Generally speaking, red is the main colour for Chinese weddings. But in terms of colour matching, red also has colourful red, pink, scarlet, carmine, etc. Different reds can bring different colours and atmospheres to the wedding scene.

In addition, the colour matching process should be combined with lighting. If it is indoors, the processing of this part of the light source will be easier. The main tone processing of the wedding scene is controllable. If it is outdoors, then you must refer to the weather.

Secondly, the decorations of the Chinese wedding scene. Eight immortal tables and dragon wind chairs are essential elements in Chinese weddings. Nowadays, Chinese weddings will be 100% restored to the previous form, and the decorations and other parts tend to be simple and grand. The layout of the scene is to create an atmosphere, and even the guests' banquet should be consistent with the wedding scene.

In addition, the process design of the Chinese wedding scene. In the Chinese wedding, because some of the design links have their meanings, people can now choose and match freely, which can also be carried out in accordance with the local folk culture. Some of them are groomsmen. Sack, cross brazier, etc. The Chinese pay attention to etiquette and Feng Shui at the same time. The setting of the main background should be facing north and south, and the choice of wedding venue should be combined with Feng Shui and so on.

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Finally, the dressing of the people at the Chinese wedding scene, the relevant service staff or staff will also match the ancient wedding costumes, so that the wedding atmosphere on the spot can be up all at once.