The task of Chinese wedding Xi Niang

/January 2022

In a Chinese wedding, Xi Niang’s tasks are mainly four points, one is to make an opening ceremony for the bride, the other is to guide the completion of the entire wedding process, one is to accompany the bride's right and left, and finally to deal with the guests. Xi Niang is a connecting character in a Chinese wedding. She needs to be very familiar with the wedding process and related etiquette. She acts not only as a bridesmaid but also as the general director of the wedding. The task of Chinese wedding Xi Niang

Weddings are sacred in every girl's heart, and this is also a turning point for girls to enter another stage of their lives. If you love her, give her a warm wedding. Now the marriage craze among the post-90s group has begun, and more and more innovative weddings have emerged. Western-style weddings are simple and sacred, while Chinese-style weddings are solemn and elegant, each with its characteristics. Nowadays, many young people choose Chinese weddings. On the one hand, they respect tradition and carry forward Chinese culture. On the other hand, Chinese weddings have a more ceremonial sense and make the wedding ceremony more solemn and sacred. Xi Niang is a key figure throughout the wedding, so what is the task of the Chinese wedding Xi Niang, and what role does Xi Niang play in it?

Since the Zhou Dynasty, etiquette has been a very important part of people. From the system of the country to the people's living customs, etiquette is inseparable from etiquette. This is why China is called the "state of etiquette". The ancients needed the order of their parents to get married, and the words of the matchmaker. However, in the custom of free love and Chinese weddings, the essence and the dross are taken into account, taking into account people's freedom of love and respecting traditional culture. Xi Niang was also called a "mascot" in ancient times. Chinese people pay attention to good luck in everything they do when they get married. Therefore, a Xi Niang who is familiar with Chinese wedding etiquette will be hired to assist during the wedding. The role of Xi Niang can be used as a bridesmaid in a western wedding, but it will play a bigger role than the bridesmaid.

There are four main tasks for the Chinese wedding Xi Niang. The first task is to open the face etiquette. Xi Niang will welcome the bride into the hands of the groom, and when the sedan chair arrives, Xi Niang will perform the opening ceremony. The so-called opening ceremony is the use of yarn to roll back and forth on the bride's face. The implication of this process is to let the bride marry her in-laws with a brand-new appearance and start a new life stage. The opening ceremony still exists in many places in China, and it is also an indispensable part of many Chinese weddings.

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Accompanying the bride to the left and right is the second task of the Chinese wedding Xi Niang. From the preparation before the wedding to the beginning of the wedding and then to the end of the wedding, Xi Niang must run through it and follow the bride. On the one hand, it can guide the bride on how to complete the wedding. The program, on the other hand, is to sing a celebratory old song before the bridal chamber to win a lot of money.

Because the time rhythm is relatively tight in Chinese weddings, Chinese people pay attention to auspicious days. Therefore, when the wedding is held, the task of Chinese wedding Xi Niang is to master the entire wedding process. This process is very simple. It is to cooperate with the host to complete the wedding. Worship, tea, and other links, but also control the time.

Finally, the task of the Chinese wedding Xi Niang is to deal with the guests. The Chinese are more enthusiastic, and everyone is happier at the wedding. Toasts and other items are also normal. At this time, Xi Niang also has to take on some of the tasks.