A modern country wedding with a luxurious bohemian style

/September 2021

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Our favorite memories at the wedding: 

The most important thing is our vows. 

We haven't interrupted eye contact since I saw Tony in the long aisle. 

Throughout the ceremony, I could feel him, and we could even hear the wind on the trees. 

I shudder at the thought of this, but it's terrible to be able to stand up and pour out your heart and soul in front of your friends and family, but in the end, it's just you and your people! " 

The second thing is that we surprise all the guests with a saxophone hand. 

We kept it a secret from everyone, and in the evening, we asked him to come out and play our favorite family songs, and he was a highlight of the night! 

Everyone went to the dance floor to sing and dance with us. 

Everyone went to the dance floor to sing and dance with us. 

All the ladies wear long black dresses from different places and look like goddesses. 

Show Me Your Mumu + Reformation is an absolute favorite. 

Two of our favorite elements of the night were our bar menu, which included a cocktail named after our dog Carl (who is also our commandant), and then our "till death do us part" logo. 

We keep this logo and it will be hung in our living room! 

We incorporated as much velvet, marble, brass, and silverware as possible-the results were unreal! 

Tony and I found a lot of retroelements we could find at the flea market. 

Tony and I searched many flea markets we could find, adding some awe-inspiring retroelements to the lounge. 

Behind our chairs is the denim jacket frame Denim- that my boss made for me. They are our painstaking efforts and things we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 

We also like to wear them to parties! 

Our advice to the newlyweds who are now planning weddings: 

Try to make every moment of the planned special, but don't overwhelm yourself. 

It's easy to get caught up in a wedding planning list and Instagram whirlpool, but sitting on the couch with your partner for a drink and listening to your future wedding playlist is the real fun. Try to make the most of the planning process, and when it disappears, you'll miss it. 

Find a planner who reflects you and your style. 

Finding Vanessa is a kind of fate, and throughout the process, she is like our friend, giving advice when needed, recommending when we ask, but in the end, cheering and laughing with us all night with a planner you like and trust to make the whole day stress-free. 

She also recommended the suppliers she worked with, and everything came naturally. 

A few parting words from Izzy. 

Everyone says that, but the day passes quickly-take the time to do all the mundane things you never wanted to do, write thank-you notes to your parents, dance with your girls to your favorite Taylor Swift songs, drink a lot of champagne-these memories are worth it!