Eloping on the edge of the cliff of Big Sur, there is an amazing halo of brides-2

/September 2021

How do you find a wedding dress when you don't like it? 

We like a good dress story, and Paloma's story even surprised her: 

Confession: I never really liked wedding dresses. 

I always thought they looked a little ridiculous. 

When I make an appointment with six different stores, to be honest, I am more excited to spend time with my family in the process. 

I was completely afraid that I couldn't find anything to "talk to me". 

However, to my surprise, of the 54 dresses I tried on, I liked most of them. 

Kelly's Closet was the last wedding store we went to in Atlanta, and when I saw The East Gown by Rue De Seine, I fell in love with it! 

I was fascinated by the unique train and interesting sleeves. 

It gives the impression that it is classical, but it is also bohemian. 

This is the one that suits me best. 

Oh, our hearts. 

At first glance! 

His face speaks for itself! 

Crying, it's so beautiful! 

Our favorite memories at the wedding: 

It must be an oath. 

We all have a habit of using each other as editors of all our books, from graduate papers to work-related content. 

We all want to surprise each other with our vows, so this peer review is impossible. 

In the end, we were all surprised to find new things that we adored each other that we could not express in the past six months. 

Discovering some new quirks about you that only your partner is aware of is a bright spot today. 

How nice is that? 

I like their vows and keep them secret! 

PS: if you want to write your vows, but are not sure where to start, here is a getting started manually. 

There are many reasons why this picture is amazing. 

The most important of these is to take a closer look at the incredible celestial bridal halo crown made by Carbickova Crowns and the serpentine earrings made by Meesha Farzaneh! 

Aren't you infatuated with the flower art of the day? 

If you want to elope in Big Sur, Rogue & Fox Floral Co is your first choice. 

They also have a bazaar with the cutest items in it, which is perfect! 

An amazing portrait of a beautiful bride! 

Paloma's hair and makeup were perfectly prepared by The Queens Bees. 

What an amazing day! 

If you are considering eloping, DeRon + Paloma offers some words of encouragement: 

Although we fully understand that elopement is not for everyone, it is very important to do what you and your partner want to do on that day. Don't be bound by everyone's opinions, expectations, and wishes. 

Even if people don't understand the vision at first. 

Believe us, serpentine earrings, white boots, burgundy tuxedos, and celestial bridal crowns will certainly attract the attention of some people, but when people see all this and the realization of their vision, they are very excited!

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