Juicy Holiday Falls Wedding in Oregon

/September 2021

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There are two main reasons why this year-end wedding is amazing. 

1) it is full of all the juicy festive colors we like (such as cranberries + evergreen), and 2) it highlights a waterfall wedding! 

What could be more exciting than a waterfall? 

Considering that the downturn of 2020 has been completely dumped. 

Starting with this scroll, it is all festivals, fun, and charm. 

Wild Earth Weddings not only filmed the elopement wedding in Oregon but also conceived it. 

Christmas in the Pacific Northwest may be rainy and wet, but that doesn't stop the romance under this waterfall! 

Interestingly, the bride and groom of our waterfall wedding were high school lovers who had been together for 15 years. 

They are engaged and hope to elope at the top of the mountain for the New year. 

Who else likes the huge bridal bouquet? 

Flowers For You brought the big stem with this juicy maroon and green bridal bouquet. 

Charming drama is the best way to holiday. 

A bridal bouquet that needs attention is one of our favorite bridal bouquets! 

And it's good for the groom to take turns. 

And it's good for the groom to turn around. 

However, there is another chic holiday color-the bridegroom is wearing an emerald suit from The Black Tux. 

Epic waterfall wedding view. 

You want a beautiful bridal bouquet, just like this one! 

She is very popular during the holiday, wearing Baltic Born's velvet, mulberry color wrap dress, it is simply hot eyes. 

Flower hair accessories, also provided by Flowers For You, combine perfectly with berries and holiday themes! 

Because of Covid-19, an epic adventure wedding or elopement like this is probably the perfect celebration for you! 

Give her a chance to spin. 

At a wedding in Falls, Oregon, people must dress appropriately! 

Columbia boots seem to be a wise choice for roaming the mountains. 

It has never looked so good on a rainy day! 

Happy holidays, cheer for the upcoming elopement wedding of these two people!