Prepare your wedding guide as soon as possible-1

/September 2021

Prepare your wedding guide as soon as possible and give you a perfect wedding in 3 months! 

Mo used to know a lot of brides, but they were too busy to prepare for their marriage because of their work. By the time they realized that it was too late, there were only three months left! 

Many people think that three months of marriage preparation is not enough, and there will be a lot of regrets at that time. Mo thinks that as long as these three months are made good use of, a perfect wedding is no problem at all. 

Today, I will give you fairies who are usually busy with their work to prepare for marriage as soon as possible in three months. those who are almost ready to get married can also check and fill the gaps. 

If you have a friend who is about to get married, remember to forward it and share it with her. 

Countdown to three months. 

1. Roughly calculate the guest list. 

Before all the steps begin, work with your fiance to make a rough guest list. 

Mainly estimate the number of guests, roughly budget the gift money and expenditure, to carry out the follow-up steps. 

2. Think of the wedding style. 

Have a rough overall plan in mind, what style you want to take, it is best to make two plans in mind, so that you can make a comparison between the hotel reservation and the wedding ceremony, and then make a decision. 

Because the marriage preparation time is only 3 months, so if there is only one goal it is more difficult to achieve, it is better to keep a good plan B for yourself. 

3. Book a hotel. 

When you have finished thinking about the above two things, don't hesitate to start looking for a hotel. 

It is very difficult to book a hotel. If it is the peak season, some hotels even need to book more than a year in advance, so the first step in preparing for marriage is to book the hotel. 

Here, I would like to mention that when choosing a hotel, we should make a comprehensive assessment from the following aspects: geographical location, venue scale, venue style, hardware facilities, traffic conditions, wedding banquet, and venue rental fees, banquet service, venue schedule, and so on. 

For example: 

When holding a lawn wedding, consider whether the hotel has a good lawn. 

For indoor weddings, the problems of hotel posts and suspended ceilings should be considered. 

Chinese weddings need to consider whether the overall decoration style is appropriate. 

In addition, we should also pay attention to the surrounding environment, as well as some hidden consumer items, such as large light and electricity charges, early admission fees, and so on, which are likely to cheat you a lot of money.

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