Prepare your wedding guide as soon as possible-2

/September 2021

4. Book the wedding ceremony. 

The wedding ceremony is also a very popular part of the peak season, so choose the wedding company as soon as you book the hotel! 

First of all, you need to be clear about three points: 

1 your budget and favorite style. 

2 roughly determine the wedding theme. 

3 personnel, services, etc. 

Foam suggested that in the case of not much time, you can directly find the local more famous wedding companies, generally, famous companies have a certain reputation, will not be too bad. 

You can go to their Weibo to see their works more often. If what they are good at is consistent with your style, make a decision as soon as possible. 

Remember to communicate more with the planner! 

Communicate more! 

Communicate with each other in big and small matters! 

It doesn't matter how long it takes to prepare for a wedding. only by communicating more can you make the wedding the way you want it to be. 

5. Make an appointment with the four King Kong. 

Each of the four King Kong is very important and indispensable, and it is also difficult to book during the peak season, so you have to make an appointment for the first time of marriage preparation. 


An excellent host can drive the atmosphere of the whole wedding, if you can find an excellent professional host, it is naturally good, but if in the peak season, the excellent host is likely to have no schedule. 

At this time, Mo Mo suggests that you take a look at your friends around you! 

If there are people who are already articulate, lively, self-familiar, and have a good relationship with everyone, you can consider it. 

Ps: a host of friends is suitable for small weddings or parties, while for large and grand weddings, it is recommended to find a professional host. 

Photography, photography. 

Photography and photography can be recommended by married friends or by wedding companies. 

Foam suggests that if it is an ordinary wedding, two seats will be enough. 

How to choose a cameraman: choose a wedding or just watch guest movies? 

No wonder your wedding photos are embarrassed to post on moments! 

Makeup artist. 

Be sure to make an appointment for a makeup test after choosing a makeup artist, preferably one month before the wedding and after ordering the wedding dress.

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