Prepare your wedding guide as soon as possible-3

/September 2021

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Countdown to 2 months.

1. Intensive skincare.

Don't wait until a month in advance to start nursing, what if you have allergies! Let the skin have an adaptation period in advance, including medical and beauty projects, it is also best to do it a period in advance.

Suitable for pre-marriage medical beauty: stars and online celebrities must do medical beauty projects before marriage, do the right beauty, choose the wrong bad face!

2. Arrange the wedding car.

To arrange the number and route of wedding cars, it is best to unify the color. If you want to save money, you can ask your relatives and friends if you can help. If there is no way, contact the wedding car rental company in advance.

3. Confirm the wedding material.

Such as music, electronic photo albums, photo printing, live videos, and so on.

You can even find someone to make a wedding LOGO that belongs to you.

4. Make a schedule for the wedding day.

To keep everything in order on the wedding day, it is best to discuss with the wedding planner to work out a detailed schedule and send it to the best men and bridesmaids to help control the time.

5. Confirm the guest list and seating list.

Once again confirm the guest list, draw up the seating table, determine the number of people before it is convenient to order candy, invitations, and so on.

How to arrange seats: arranging wedding seats is so easy to offend people, you must not step on these lightning spots!

6. Buy wedding gadgets.

After confirming the guests, you can buy some small things to be used in the wedding online. it is suggested that you do not need to buy them too early but buy them separately in each period.


Morning robe.

Coat Hanger.

Companion gift.

Happy candy.

Invitation card.

All kinds of paper products.

Decorate with props (scene & wedding car & wedding room …... ).

Photo props.

A pillow/care.

One month to the last.

1. Confirm the wedding helpers.

It must be very difficult for only the two of you to prepare for your marriage, so you might as well ask your parents and friends to help you so that they can also participate in your marriage preparation process.

For example, seating arrangements can ask parents to help arrange the seats of relatives. They are more familiar with the relationship between relatives than you are, and they want to be able to help more than you think.

In addition, you can ask a sister who is aesthetically similar to you to help you buy small items.

If you ask your friends to share some small jobs with you, it will be easier to prepare for marriage.

2. Transportation and accommodation arrangements for guests and staff from other places.

When inviting guests and staff from other places, remember to arrange transportation and accommodation for them in advance.

3. Arrange for the hotel to try the dishes.

Although the 3-month marriage preparation time seems a little short, as long as everyone has a good plan and carries on in an orderly way, we will certainly have a perfect dream wedding!