Say goodbye to the morning robe take pictures with bridesmaids-2

/September 2021


Bride @ Zhang Youyou vista replaced the morning gown with a comfortable cotton T-shirt with DIY and Bride crew fonts on the T-shirt, and the names of each bridesmaid were written on the edges of the shirt, plus the time of the wedding, it can be said to be very attentive. 

You can customize the words on the T-shirt, or print your wedding logo or cartoon portraits of each other. It's all great. 

And T-shirts are the highest coefficient of clothes that bridesmaids will still wear after the wedding. 

Boyfriend shirt

There is a kind of fashion called boyfriend style, Oversize version, lazy style, wearing on the body to cover the flesh looks thin and a little sexy. 

Yes, the boyfriend shirt is such a magic weapon for taking pictures, and it is also especially suitable for laughing and playing between girlfriends, which is just right for the morning of the wedding. 

Bride Zet's experience is that the length of the dress is between 80 and 85, led by silk noodles, which are not only casual but also super skinny! 

Bathing suit

If there is a swimming pool in the place where the wedding is held, don't miss it! 

Even at such a wedding, we do not have to pick up, directly to put wanton shooting, to ensure that you can not stop shooting! 

If your bridesmaids are all long-legged Ernie, then the blockbuster is simply a fashion collection of beautiful things! 

Solve the clothing, do not forget that there are a lot of small details of accessories, ah, these wear small accessories can play the finishing point, sublimate the role of texture! 

Gold tattoo sticker

Stickers can be affixed to wrists, ankles, or arms. Taking pictures is particularly cool. There is a kind of "plastic" feeling of friendship that will never grow old. Haha. 

By the way, remember to get a manicure! 

Wrist band

The wristband can be made of lace, and the color can also be the same or different colors. 

Foam has a little suggestion, even if it is replaced by wrist flowers, it is also very good-looking wrist flowers made by florists are so beautiful! 

There is a good saying: 

Once girls are serious about friendship, they will be more unforgettable than love. 

When one day, your long gauze to the ground, even if she is on the other side of the earth, will overcome all difficulties and depend on your short skirt. 

So, be sure to pay close attention to every minute of your wedding day, it was the most perfect day for you! 

They are also worth your preparation. 

When you get old and chat with each other and look at photos, you will laugh at each other: yes, I was so dominant at that time! 

Having said so much, what Mo Mo is trying to say is: 

Remember to share this article with your bridesmaid's group, and then pat them with a foreign style.

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