Chinese wedding parent's costume

/December 2021

Choosing Chinese weddings and wedding dresses is of special importance, and there are often customized matching packages, which show the personality and fashion. In addition to considering the Chinese style, the costumes of the parents of Chinese weddings are also customized together with the wedding dresses. But in terms of the wedding form and the positioning of the time, there are mainly three types: the Republic of China-style, the Hanfu type, and the Tang suit type. The so-called Tang suit has a taste of the late Qing Dynasty. Therefore, these main styles are used in modern weddings. It is more versatile, and it is also a favourite choice for consumers. You can prepare in advance before the wedding. Chinese wedding parent's costume

Regarding the characteristics of Chinese weddings, Chinese elements, especially traditional flavours, are particularly strong, and they are also a very important part of the wedding. Choosing a series of dresses for both parents, paying more and more attention to the highlight of Chinese elements, has become the basic condition for the pursuit of higher-end. Among them, the Hanfu category, if the new couple chooses the Hanfu as the dress, then the simple Hanfu can also be customized in the parent's clothing. The colour is simpler, more attention to fashion, layered and reasonable, which is the costume of Chinese wedding parents. It is a very good one, and the price of such clothing is not high.

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Among the Chinese wedding parents’ clothes, there are still a wide variety of options. It is suitable for parents to wear, and can also be worn in future ceremonies and holidays. Tang suits are more popular and have more varied characteristics, which can be richer. The colour of the actual application can ensure a better application effect. And this kind of custom processing of Tang makeup has the taste of the traditional late Qing Dynasty, and it is very close to modern life. At the same time, it satisfies the needs of more people and is also a good time for parents to apply it. At the same time, it guarantees the success of the ceremony. The effect of ritual Chinese style is very good.

Of course, among the many styles, the Republic of China-style in the costumes of Chinese wedding parents is also a very good type. Chinese tunic suits and cheongsam look particularly styled, and traditional folk customs characteristics are more acceptable to people, not only simple and stylish. , And it can also be worn in many ceremonies, which is also a very good choice. Therefore, in the actual Chinese wedding process, you can choose the Chinese dress in the style of the Republic of China. It is also a very good choice for many traditional wedding forms that are very important. It is a particularly popular type among them.