Choose a wedding company, remember to avoid these traps-1

/December 2021

Wedding occupies a very important role in the wedding, the quality of a wedding will have a direct impact on the wedding. But nowadays, the wedding business is mixed, and the newlyweds will fall into a "trap" if they are not careful. Choose a wedding company, remember to avoid these traps

So how can we choose a wedding company that suits us, and how should we avoid stepping on pits? In order to leave no regrets for the wedding, the Bazaar editor for the next marriage has summarized a few tips, you must take a closer look at.

 1. How to choose a wedding company that suits you

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1. Look at the word of mouth

It is actually a good way to understand a wedding company through the comments of newcomers on the website and the reputation of friends and relatives. However, the most direct and effective way is for newcomers to "inspect" the store to see the size of the store and whether the operation is regular. Even if there is no transaction order, you can also learn more about wedding knowledge through conversations with the wedding company, so as to help you get professional From a different perspective to choose the wedding that suits you. The editor reminds newcomers to ask whether the wedding company has its own executive team. If there is no executive team and rely on outsourcing, you need to be careful. Problems, it's easy to go wrong.

2. See pictures and videos of previous cases of wedding companies

You don't want to watch pictures and videos at will, but you need to watch them determine whether these works are real cases that the business has done before. The editor tells you a few tips.

(1) Look at the logo to see if there is a wedding company logo at the beginning of the video, as well as the logo watermark in the corner of the video/photo, or whether the name of the wedding company is mentioned in the host of the host, so as to ensure that the work belongs to this company.

(2) Look at the scene effect. Of course, the scene effect is not only to look at the partial details of the repaired photos but also to look at the panorama/panoramic video. The panorama is the least deceptive. The ratio of the background wall to the overall hotel, the scale of the floral arrangement, and the scene atmosphere are clear at a glance.

(3) Look at the coordination between the characters and the environment. Pick some photos or videos of the newlyweds in the wedding scene. Look at the proportions of the characters, dresses, etc. and the coordination of the wedding arrangement. This can show the true level of wedding planning.