Description of blue wedding theme

/October 2021

Blue is a melancholy and gentlemanly colour. Now many newcomers like to decorate their weddings with a blue theme. The blue theme wedding is mainly the wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses, cakes and candle cups are all arranged in blue, but as far as blue is concerned, there are many kinds of them? So, do you understand?

1. Description of blue theme wedding arrangement

1. Blue invitation

Send the elaborate invitations in blue drifting bottles to friends and relatives. Write with a blue pen, and put a few white pebbles in the drift bottle. Blue is excellent Elegant, white and refreshing, add a cool tone to your wedding.

2. Blue bridesmaid dress

The bridesmaids wear different styles of dark blue dresses such as tube tops, hanging necks, deep Vs, etc. with personal characteristics.

3. Blue holding flowers

It is mainly decorated with blue flowers and decorated with white. The upper part is decorated with blue and purple butterflies, which looks novel and lovely. Butterflies are often used to describe pure love.

4. Blue wedding cake

The wedding cake symbolizes sweetness and happiness. The cake can be matched in blue and white and will be coordinated with the blue theme wedding, full of ocean style.

5. Blue candle cup

Using the blue candle cup, there are golden lines on it. When the candle is lit, the blue is more romantic and the gold is more dazzling. Holding a luxurious and romantic wedding, this colour scheme is perfect.

6. Blue welcome card

Use ocean blue as the background colour of the welcome card, choose the photo that you think is the most beautiful, add a white heart-shaped cloud shape, and write the bridegroom and new in the middle of the two connected hearts, couple’s name, with blue balloons to decorate the background.

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