How to choose a wedding planning company? These four points are important-2

/October 2021

The important weddings in your life have been ruined like this. It is terrible, so choose a reliable large company. Of course, well-known and experienced old wedding studios are also great!

3. Look at the wedding planning team

A good wedding planning company has its own professional wedding planning team, including not only the four kings but also professional staff such as wedding supervisors and bride secretaries. This can avoid many unexpected events that occurred last time during the wedding and greatly improve the quality of the entire wedding.

4. Look at the professional level of the planner

There can be no mistakes in the activities of the wedding day, so it is very important to control the level of the planner of the entire wedding. Regarding the wedding planning level of planners, one very important thing is the ability to deal with emergencies. The editor recommends that you make plans when communicating with the wedding planner. In addition, whether you can satisfy your ideas and create the wedding you want is also very important!

Let’s take a look at what abilities a good wedding planner needs? The editor of Marriage Bazaar summarizes the following points:

① Have a good understanding of local folk customs and customs and be proficient in various aspects of marriage customs and cultural knowledge.

② Energetic. Planning a wedding requires a lot of mental and physical strength, and the kind of wedding planner who looks energetic is better.

③ Strong communication and coordination skills, in other words, field control skills.

④ Have a good personality and be patient.

When communicating with the wedding planning company, what do you ask?

1. Ask the price

Of course, many times, planners will ask you, what is your wedding budget?

In fact, for many newcomers, she is also very confused, because she has no idea about the budget, so she doesn't know how to answer. At this time, just answer truthfully. Generally, the wedding budget accounts for about 15% of the entire wedding budget. A professional planner can spend your money on the blade according to your needs, and will clearly tell you what effects can be made within your budget so that your wedding dreams will be more clear.

2. Ask the wedding planning company what the wedding expenses include?

This is not a breakdown of the cost of your wedding, but a general description of the cost structure.

Because different companies have different price structures, such as planning fees, personnel fees, design fees, and props...

With such an initial cost structure, I will also have a clear framework in my mind.

3. "Can you see your real case? What is the specific situation of this wedding?"

Nowadays, there are different good and bad wedding companies in the market. Many companies use other people's cases to promote, so the little fairies should keep their eyes open. When watching the cases of wedding planning companies, pay attention to the whole process video of the wedding planning company. It is best to have their design. Manuscripts, design changes and the like.

Keep your eyes open and don't be fooled by the low prices. Don't be afraid of trouble, do your homework in advance, think about the general style you want, and when communicating with wedding planning, please say hello to all you want to ask. The most important thing is to list the details in the contract. Guarantee, find professional people for professional things, I hope you can all make your own dream wedding! Do you know how to find a wedding planning company now?

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