How to interact with guests on the wedding day

/October 2021

Do you think the interactive form of the wedding master singing a few songs and throwing a doll is boring? Do you want some super interesting interactive forms? The editor has collected a lot of interactive, creative and joyful A full-scale guest interactive games, come and learn it~

1. Full-screen bullet curtain wall

This full-screen bullet screen is not a small game, but it is indeed the most engaging way in the interactive format. Suitable for men, women and children, all the blessings will be displayed on WeChat, which is interesting and meaningful.

2. Shake to grab the red envelope

Shaking and grabbing the red envelope is the happiest part of the audience. You can set the red envelope amount to be larger than the round, the temptation of the red envelope will make the guests excited~

3. Tell the truth

The master of ceremonies will issue instructions, and all guests will act in the opposite direction according to the instructions. If the emcee says "turn left", everyone will "turn right". When the emcee said "head up", everyone "head down". In a round of elimination, the last guest can get mysterious prizes~

4. I love to guess the name of the song

When interacting with guests, you can choose to play the accompaniment music at the beginning of a song or the first few lyrics, so that the guests can guess the name of the song or the name of the singer. This game session can take care of the elders and allow older guests to participate in the game and blend into the joyous atmosphere of the wedding, such as "spring story", "sweet honey" and so on.

5. Guess the word tacitly

This game can benefit the single men and women at the wedding, choose some boys and girls, one man and one woman team up on stage. One person is facing the LED screen and the other is facing the screen. Through performances or prompt words, let the team members guess the words on the screen and get the big prize if they guess more.

6. Lucky draw

When the guests enter the venue, write the greetings on the small cards provided by the newcomers and put them in the ballot box. In the process of the wedding, the new couple, the parents of the new couple, etc., can conduct on-site lottery draws. Guests who win the draw can get small gifts. This kind of lottery session can be carried out for a few more rounds, making the guests happy.

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