New Chinese Wedding Host Words

/December 2021

There are many styles of wedding officiating words. Although the new Chinese wedding officiating words are based on Chinese characteristics, this does not mean that they must highlight Chinese customs. The preparation of the host speech is to let the newlyweds know the links of the wedding in advance and understand the normal wedding style through the host speech. If the host speech is sensational, a normal wedding will also be sensational. If the host word is humorous, it will make the wedding scene fun. New Chinese Wedding Host Words

Now let’s take a look, what are the new Chinese wedding host words suitable for Chinese weddings?

1. Hello everyone, I am a friend of the new couple and the host of this wedding. I believe you may not know me, it’s okay, you just need to know new people. Well, not much nonsense. First of all, thank you for coming. I know that everyone here is the relatives and friends of the newcomer and the most important person of the newcomer. Secondly, I would like to thank everyone for coming to the newcomers, because their future will be better with your support and encouragement. Now that the newcomers are ready to debut, let us come up with the warmest applause and the most sincere blessings to welcome the newcomers on stage.

Two: The ancients said that there is no such thing as death, wishing to be a mandarin duck and not envious of immortals. It can be seen that from ancient times to the present, people will live together with their heads full of anticipation. The wheel of time has moved from ancient times to modern times, and living together with one another is a luxury. Today, I am going to preside over a wedding for a couple of couples. I have witnessed their encounter, acquaintance and love. I also know how many ups and downs they have gone through along the way. I also know that if it weren't for each other's deep love, the so-called love would have been trivially ground into the past. Now, we give the scene to new people, let them tell the love of the past, and look forward to happiness in the future.

Three: I have held many weddings, only this time makes me cry, I have heard many love stories, only this time makes me unforgettable. As the host of this wedding, I must say that the couple let me see what true love is. Some people may say that love is not the same as marriage. Of course, love is part of marriage, and marriage is the best destination for love. At today's wedding, we will all witness the new couple heading towards the best destination. Now let us give applause to the new couple who is about to appear.

The above are just the common styles of new Chinese wedding host words. By choosing the host words, the couple can determine their wedding style. But don't forget, whether it is a sensational wedding or a witty wedding, you must pay attention to the scale, otherwise it will cause chaos on the wedding scene.

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