New Chinese Wedding Planning

/December 2021

Chinese weddings are the choice of many new couples, because they represent Chinese culture, and because they are well-mannered and have a festive and warm atmosphere. With the development of the times, more and more couples tend to choose more modern Chinese weddings. New Chinese wedding planning is also inseparable from planning. New Chinese wedding planning is different from traditional Chinese wedding planning. In the process of planning a wedding, it is necessary to consider the sense of the times and the needs of the new couple, so that the wedding can combine classical art and modern culture. New Chinese Wedding Planning


In the new Chinese wedding planning, the invitation is the first thing to consider. The most important thing about a new Chinese wedding invitation is the theme, concept and symbolic meaning. In terms of patterns, you can choose patterns that represent auspiciousness and happiness. You can also choose invitations in ink-and-wash style or patterns with carved hollow patterns.

Table cards:

The wine table at the wedding site needs to be set up with a table card. In a new Chinese wedding, the guest’s name can be written on the fan-shaped card surface like a table card. The welcome aisle can be decorated with bamboo forests, Chinese knots or tassels. You can also set the table card to look like a small lantern, and write the guest's name on the small lantern.


New Chinese wedding planning needs to emphasize the theme and details of the wedding. When setting up the wedding scene, you can choose more traditional Chinese culture, such as rich shadow puppets, blue and white porcelain with a remote artistic conception, red candles that symbolize joy and liveliness, and so on. Chinese weddings should have a unique oriental charm, which can be achieved with the help of technology when setting up the wedding scene. For example, some landscape fragments can be displayed through projection, and photos or videos were taken by the bride and groom wearing dragon and phoenix wedding gowns can also be played.

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In return:

The return gift of a new Chinese wedding can also choose gifts with Chinese cultures, such as tea, tea sets, brushes, etc. Although these small objects are simple, they have a strong Chinese style and are of high commemorative value.


In Chinese weddings, the wedding couple’s clothing should also be mainly red, the groom can wear a red robe, and the bride can wear a red cheongsam or red wedding dress.

New Chinese wedding planning needs to consider the entire wedding issue. In addition to the above aspects, the planning company also needs to rehearse the entire wedding process. During the rehearsal process, it can be increased or decreased according to the site conditions and the requirements of the new couple. Links, so that the wedding is full of strong Chinese colour.