New Chinese wedding theme

/December 2021

China has had a wedding culture since ancient times, and the wedding culture is different in each historical stage, and even the wedding ceremony has many differences. Today, Chinese weddings have become synonymous with fashion. Many new couples like the ritual sense of Chinese weddings very much because, with the participation of family members, the wedding is even more meaningful. So, where should the new Chinese wedding theme start? How to make a wedding full of strong Chinese style. New Chinese wedding theme

Venue analysis: If you want to highlight the various elements of the new Chinese wedding theme, the first thing to do is to conduct a site analysis of the wedding scene. Some hotels have relatively large venues and large stage spaces. You can make full use of the background wall when decorating. Part of it can be decorated with red silk, red lanterns and red happy characters. Because these elements are the core elements of the new Chinese wedding, after a reasonable arrangement, it can show the characteristics of the Chinese style.

Newcomer's needs: After choosing a venue, you need to understand the newcomer's needs. Although the new Chinese wedding is now a more popular wedding style, many new couples have their own understanding of the new Chinese wedding. The wedding company needs to communicate with the new couple in advance to determine what is needed for the wedding and determine the process of the entire ceremony. More importantly, it is necessary for the newlyweds to participate in the arrangement of the wedding banquet. Because a wedding is a very special event, only the newlyweds can participate in it to reflect its meaning.

Site layout: The layout of the wedding site is very important. The previous site analysis is to better layout the site. First, the ceremony area needs to be arranged. This area is the core area of the wedding and needs to be decorated with a lot of Chinese elements. The second thing that needs to be arranged is the sign-in area, where you can choose red tables and chairs and a red gift book because red is the colour that best fits the theme of the new Chinese wedding. Finally, there is the layout of the display area. The display area mainly displays photos of the bride and groom. If you decide to hold a new Chinese wedding, you should also take a set of new Chinese style photos when taking wedding photos.

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In addition to the above content, if you want to highlight the theme of the new Chinese wedding, you need to pay attention to details, such as smoking, wedding wine selection, wedding candy packaging, etc. These detailed designs can highlight the characteristics of the new Chinese wedding.