Rehearsal for the wedding? What to pay attention to during wedding rehearsal

/October 2021

I have watched a lot of wedding rehearsal videos. I found that the rehearsal is really necessary. Otherwise, it’s easy to make big jokes, change the name of the wrong part, the equipment at the wedding, the link is not well connected, and the four eyes are embarrassing. Relatively uncomfortable! What should we pay attention to during the wedding rehearsal? The following is the experience gained by the Bazaar editor after watching a lot of wedding rehearsal videos! Rehearsal for the wedding? What to pay attention to during wedding rehearsal

1. Determine the rehearsal time and rehearsal flow chart

After the couple communicates with the wedding company about the rehearsal time, they must have a clear schedule for the reception before the wedding and the wedding day, and make sure that every relevant person can get this timeline.

2. Set up the stage and arrange the banquet hall

The wedding company has set up the stage for the wedding ceremony in advance, arranged the banquet hall, and placed all the equipment to be used during the rehearsal.

3. The wedding role is in place

Make sure that both parents, best man and bridesmaids must be in place as early as possible the day before. It is best not to engage in the kind of important personnel who arrive in the early morning. Not only do you have to worry about his safe arrival and find the hotel, but it will also cause everyone to have a bad rest and affect the state of the next day. . If you are afraid that you will not be able to make time for the rehearsal and you are far away from the hotel, you can book a room in the hotel to rest. It is best to live with the bride and parents and bridesmaids on the eve of the wedding. The same applies to the groom and the best man, to prevent the role of the wedding from not being there as scheduled the next day.

4. The wedding staff is in place

The newlyweds should confirm the wedding rehearsal time and the time and location of the wedding formal day with the photographer, camera, makeup artist, and host teacher. For example, a cameraman who is following the bride can directly follow the bride and take pictures of the interaction between the bridesmaid and the bride. There are also matters such as parents giving away their marriage.

5. Material homing

The couple must ensure that all materials needed for the wedding day are in place. It is best to find a material manager, such as wedding candy, drinks, refreshments, souvenirs, etc., and hand it over to the hotel, counts the quantity, and hand it over to the hotel after the wedding the next day.

6. Wedding process rehearsal

It is best to clarify the wedding process and make a timetable, such as when the bride will enter the venue, whether there is a handover session involving the bride's father, who will be the bridesmaid and flower girl to give the wedding ring, who will keep the red envelope for the couple, when will the vows be recited, etc. Wait.

Regarding the speech at the wedding, we must communicate with the emcee beforehand, whether the parents are on stage and whether there are any guests on the stage to speak. The Marriage Bazaar editor has seen many unprepared parents called by the emcee to speak on stage. Because the parents are shy, Not very good at talking, and then the wedding atmosphere fell to the bottom. Therefore, to confirm the speech at the wedding scene, you must communicate with the host teacher. In addition, the on-site performance of the speech is also feasible, but it is limited to people with good eloquence. It is best not to temporarily cue shy people to speak. Therefore, the editor of the Marriage Bazaar suggests that if you need to have the best man, bridesmaid, or relatives and friends to speak, you must explain it in advance. It is easy to be incoherent if you play on the spot.

On the rehearsal stage, the scene has been set up, and the newcomers can get familiar with the scene structure, and then approximately where to stand during the wedding process or the game, which position to face, how long to stay, how to set the lighting, and follow the shots It’s better to coordinate all issues to the best way, such as how to shoot the best. Although many new couples forget to pay attention to these when they arrive at the official wedding, rehearsal in advance will help relieve tension and avoid many mistakes.

The wedding music can also be played during the rehearsal, and live music from different links can also be played to avoid failure of the live music to be released, or the music is not equal. If the music is not in harmony with the link, it can be replaced in time.

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Regarding communication, the editor of Marriage Bazaar suggests that you can set up a WeChat group to bring in wedding roles, wedding rehearsal personnel, etc. so that everyone can change the remarks and add phone numbers to prevent poor communication and unreachable problems that day. The day before the wedding, you can also write down your notes in the group to remind each other.

Regarding the equipment, remember not to forget to check all the equipment and tools needed for the wedding. If there is damage, it must be dealt with, or replaced or repaired. This can avoid the formal ceremony because the equipment is not working and the wedding process needs to be modified or Affect the atmosphere of the wedding scene.

The rehearsal must include all the wedding procedures, because only in this way can we truly grasp the wedding time, grasp the good time, and reduce possible errors. I hope you will not leave any regrets, and all successfully hold the wedding of your dreams.