The best Chinese wedding host words

/January 2022

The best Chinese wedding host word refers to the host word spoken by the host on the best Chinese wedding. There is a big difference between the presiding words of Chinese weddings and Western weddings. The presiding words of Western weddings are very romantic, while the presiding words of Chinese weddings are very old-fashioned. Most of them speak famous sentences and classical Chinese. Can significantly improve the level of the wedding. The best Chinese wedding host words

It has become a trend for Chinese people to hold Chinese weddings, and there is a big difference between Chinese weddings and Western weddings. Among them is not only the layout of the wedding scene and the dressing of the couple but also the wedding host. So how are the best Chinese wedding host words written? Let’s talk to you all below.

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One: Huatang is splendid with splendid splendour, and the beautiful scenery of the beautiful day is sung and singing. Today, we toast to invite relatives and friends to love the swallows and their married couples. Dear guests, friends, and elders, I would like to congratulate you here. Today, the two people who are going to get married in Xitang are gifted and one is a beautiful woman. The two are a combination of talent and beauty. Let’s move on to the next link. Respectfully invite the bride to enter the Xitang.

Two: The bride marries the royal family, the bridegroom sets the world with three arrows, and gives bows and arrows! The first arrow is the sweet and prosperous new couple after marriage; the second arrow is that the couple will be united forever and give birth to a precious child early; the third arrow is to set the universe together forever. I believe that all the guests who were doing heard the sound of three gongs and drums, and the sound of gongs and drums sent blessings. Then the bride and groom were invited into the flower hall.

Three: The bride starts to take auspiciousness, Yufeng lifts his feet to take the pot of fire, hides on both sides of the fierce spirit and evil spirit, and descends from the sky to the blessing nest. Cross the saddle on the road to happiness, peace and auspiciousness will be passed on from generation to generation, and the bride is invited to cross the saddle.

After reading the best Chinese wedding host words above, do you find it difficult? In fact, the presiding words of a Chinese wedding have relatively high requirements for the gorgeousness and beauty of the rhetoric. The wedding hosts of the current wedding company are very powerful, and their eloquence and gorgeous rhetoric are very intoxicating. It can be said that a wedding is like listening to a moving story, so you want to let yourself be To achieve the best results for the wedding ceremony, it is necessary to find a professional brand wedding company to ensure the quality of the wedding ceremony. In addition, the gorgeous rhetoric should be easy to understand, not obscure.