The latest Chinese wedding planning plan in 2021

/December 2021

The so-called Han-style wedding planning plan is actually to provide a more traditional wedding process for the two newlyweds from the traditional Chinese wedding process and perspective. And in this kind of wedding plan, it is also necessary to pay attention to many things in the setting of the scene and the ceremony. Therefore, the choice of such a wedding planning program is very important. The latest Chinese wedding planning plan in 2019

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Many people may like Western wedding decorations, but there are also a lot of new couples who like to use special wedding scenes. This effect is more traditional in China, and the big red color is also a traditional wedding feature in my country. This form is very traditional and ritual, so it is also favored by many newcomers. So how should a Chinese wedding planning plan be designed? The following two options are recommended for everyone.

First, a streamlined Chinese wedding.

The so-called Han-style wedding with process-oriented design borrows from traditional Chinese wedding rituals. For example, red is the main scene layout color, and traditional musical instruments such as suona should be included as accompaniment during operation. In the process of receiving the bride, the road will always be accompanied by traditional instruments such as suona. In fact, this process is quite unique. In the formal wedding scene, some traditional ceremonies across braziers and saddles are also required. These rituals have a strong sense of ritual, and they are also part of the process that needs to be designed with emphasis.

Second, the characteristic Chinese wedding.

If you don’t like the flow of Chinese weddings very much, you might as well adopt some special design schemes. For example, you can invite new couples or relatives and friends to play in the wedding scene based on your own strengths and preferences. Some classical musical instruments are a very good choice. If conditions permit, you can also play some famous Guzheng songs such as Meihuasanong, and then use accompaniment to cheer you up. In short, there are many forms with traditional Chinese characteristics. In addition to instruments such as Guzheng, poetry and other forms can also be used as the important content of weddings.

In short, whether it is a more traditional Chinese wedding or a Chinese wedding with more personal characteristics, there are in fact its merits. It is recommended that you do not have to be too obsessed with process-oriented design when planning such a wedding. Instead, it should incorporate more of its own characteristics. A Chinese wedding planning plan like this is the most feasible and effective.