The main points of the wedding planning quotation you care about most-1

/October 2021

The wedding is a must-go process for every couple to prepare for the wedding, and the wedding that is closely related to the wedding is also very important. When communicating with the wedding company, the wedding planning quotation is the key point. What do you think? The main point is here! The main points of the wedding planning quotation you care about most

1. The composition of wedding planning fees

The cost of wedding planning is mainly composed of the wedding staff plus the cost of wedding decoration materials. The materials are mainly the things needed for the wedding site decoration. The wedding types and materials selected by the couple are different, but the wedding materials generally include flowers, road signs, arches, carpets, LED screens and other projection items.

In addition to the basic labour costs, the wedding planning company that customizes the wedding will also charge design fees, service fees (overall planning and implementation of the entire wedding), material costs, and transportation costs. The design fee refers to the wedding banquet design part. The designer will design a complete plan according to the needs of the couple, and make necessary props and supporting flower designs. In addition, they can also have a visual design, such as wedding logos, invitations, table cards, menus, etc. These layout details determine the complete visual effect of the wedding banquet. For advanced custom weddings, the wedding planning company will also provide hand-painted, 3D renderings, CAD light bitmaps, etc., to more intuitively see the wedding demonstration effect.

2. Quotation method of the wedding planning fee

The wedding planning fee is divided into detailed quotations and regional quotations. The detailed quotation means that the specifications and prices of each item are clearly displayed. For example, what is the size of the carpet? How many lights are there? How much is the price? Listed in a table to inform newcomers. The regional quotation refers to the package price in the concierge area, welcome area, and photo area, but it will not tell you what this area specifically includes.

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3. What should I pay attention to when looking at the quotation?

In fact, when choosing a wedding, we all have a ruler in our hearts. So the newcomer should have a budget in mind. When choosing a wedding company, it is best to fit this budget.

Ask the wedding planning company to provide as many details as possible on the quotation, so that you know the details of the cost, such as what props you bought, where you used them, what lighting equipment, rental fees, etc. If you need to cut the budget, it is also very convenient to adjust the budget allocation