Wedding theme tones

/December 2021

Wedding theme colours refer to the theme colours used in the wedding. Every wedding has a main colour, which makes the layout of the whole wedding scene very harmonious and high-end. Then the wedding is festive, so the choice of colours is naturally very meaningful, so the main colours of the wedding that you see are the ones that turn over and over again. Wedding theme tones

The wedding theme colours of a perfect and grand wedding design have a core meaning. This core meaning is actually a good blessing to the new couple but also shows the new couple’s pursuit of life, life taste, personal personality, etc., Let’s talk about common wedding theme colours below.

1. Wedding theme colour Chinese red

Chinese weddings are all dominated by red. There is no doubt about this. The theme colour of Chinese red can be said to be very festive, which can make the wedding more Chinese. Red can be said to be a Chinese colour. Red has a festive and peaceful meaning, and it also has a saying of exorcising evil spirits. Therefore, the use of Chinese red as the wedding theme colour is very popular.

2. Princess powder

Every girl lives in a fairy tale kingdom in her heart, and girls with princess disease hope that they can have a dream wedding, and there are roses in dream weddings, and they especially like pink, So designing a wedding theme with pink colour will be very popular among girls. Some time ago, Tang Yan and Luo Jin's wedding was the kingdom of pink roses. It can be said to be truly innocent, romantic and beautiful.

Three, sea blue

Just as every girl lives a princess in his heart, every boy lives a prince in his heart. A prince riding a white horse, wearing a sea-blue prince costume, is really very handsome. Many boys choose sea blue as their wedding theme because they want to become prince charming and become the guardian of the bride.

Of course, many ordinary people’s weddings today use white as the main colour, because of white means purity and holiness. In addition, the white wedding theme colour is very well arranged, and it can be matched with flowers and veils of many colours. The effect of the wedding scene created is also a dreamlike fairy beauty. Friends who are preparing for the wedding may wish to choose one according to their own preferences!

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