What is high-end customized wedding planning?-1

/October 2021

As we all know, the creation of a wedding is inseparable from wedding planning. At present, wedding planning is divided into package weddings & customized weddings. What is high-end customized wedding planning?

Package-type weddings are also the most popular sensory impression of people's wedding arrangements. Within a certain price range, what wedding props and scene decorations are provided to the couple, and even some custom weddings include staff such as the Four Kings. The benefit of the package type is that you can see the quotation and the content it contains most intuitively. In this way, when you compare prices between the two, you can see at a glance. Package wedding definitely does not mean that this wedding is bad! Only this wedding lacks the personalization factor or the imprint of the couple themselves. Who is ugly and embarrassed about Zhuangshan, but the "bumping wedding" in the heart of the little fairy is simply a "shocking disaster", after all, once in a lifetime!

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The following editor will tell you in detail about the high-end customized wedding planning you care about most! What does a high-end custom wedding look like? How long should it be made in advance? Don't worry, look down!

1. What is high-end customized wedding planning?

High-end customized wedding planning will show luxury, beauty, romance and personality in every detail of the wedding. From the layout of the venue, the layout and furnishing of custom wedding props, to the wedding ceremony, the standards of the staff such as the Four King Kong are all first-class. Every detail of high-end customized wedding planning requires careful design and detailed control by the wedding planner. A wedding is a work of art, and every set comes from the planner’s painstaking drawing and planning, full of wedding elements you want, highlighting your wedding theme.

2. What does a high-end customized wedding look like?

"Taozhiyaoyao burns its flowers, and the son of Guiyiqis family" is a poem that the bride loves very much. The tender willow branches and bright peach blossoms are like a smiling bride. The bride said, "I want an ancient style. Chinese wedding”, the bridegroom said, “I want one like this”. Therefore, in this wedding, a large number of paper fans, oiled paper umbrellas, screens, poems, chessboards, reeds, bamboo, embroidered stretches... There is a cloud in the bride’s name, so whether it is the iron ribbon on the main stage or the banquet The shape of the hall, even the corsage is worn by the bridegroom, looks like auspicious clouds.