What is high-end customized wedding planning?-2

/October 2021

Even the table flowers on each table have changed from ordinary floristry to bamboo and blooming oil-paper umbrellas. They are elegant and elegant, with an ancient style.

 "I hope there are sky elements, elephants and whales, as in the lyrics of Mayday." Elephants and whales happen to be the favourite animals of the bride and groom. The elephant is the largest animal on land, it is regarded as the creator of the forest; while the whale is the largest animal in the ocean, it gives the ocean a huge and gentle miracle. At an altitude of one hundred thousand kilometres, flying over rivers and earth, just to meet you.

Whales and elephants, land and sea, the stars floating in the sky, like smoke and mist drag the vast stars, illuminating the outline of the endless universe, the time of the seconds, converging into a romance that travels through billions of light-years.

 3. How long does it take to make a high-end customized wedding plan in advance?

There are only a few auspicious days for weddings every year, and it is difficult not to get together. Now May Day and November, various holidays are also popular. The wedding date and the wedding banquet are set, so slowly take wedding photos and buy wedding products? The editor tells you, in fact, at this time, the most important thing is to make the wedding! What, what do you say about the wedding? Just find a wedding company to set up the layout 2 weeks before the wedding? This is the inner monologue of most newcomers. But having a high-quality wedding is not so simple. Since it has spent a lot of money, it must be worth it! Don't hug yourself, especially if you choose high-end customized wedding planning, it is recommended to start looking for it when the wedding date is set, at least half a year in advance, it is safer.

If you like high-end customized wedding planning, note that the price is completely incomparable with ordinary weddings because of different design schemes and different personnel combinations. When choosing, learn more about which style you prefer? Communicate with the wedding planner first, think about what elements you want, what styles, and what your dream wedding is like. It's not that the more props and the higher-end decorations, you will love it. The perfect wedding looks at the details, and the wonderful wedding comes from the brainstorming of the couple and the planner. A high-end customized wedding will be unforgettable forever!

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