What should I pay attention to during an engagement celebration?-2

/October 2021

②Mirror T-table: There are two types of mirror T-tables. One is to lay with mirror-finished paper. Although it has a mirror-reflective effect, the surface is uneven and does not seem to be of high grade; the other is a mirror-panel T-table, which is more expensive. High, but the effect is very good, with the use of lighting can increase the sense of luxury and splendour, suitable for high-end atmospheric weddings.

③Glass T-table: The whole T-table is built with glass. Flowers, props, etc. can be arranged under the glass. It looks bright and transparent, making the space larger and more three-dimensional, suitable for small hall weddings.

4. How many meters should the T station choose? The length of the T station can be selected according to the length of the channel. The most important thing to pay attention to is the T station, which is generally divided into 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, and 2.5m.

① T stage ≤ 1m: The width is too narrow, even if two people walk arm by arm, it will be a bit crowded. If you fall, it will be dangerous, so it is best not to choose.

②T stage=1.2m or 1.5m: suitable for small wedding venues, but it should be noted that if you choose a T stage below 1.8m, it is best for the bride not to choose a wedding dress with too complicated tails, as it is not very convenient to move around.

③T stage = 1.8m or 2m: When the venue is suitable, the width of the T stage is the best. The bride can walk in a big tailor a tutu without being too crowded or tripping over.

④T stage ≥ 2m: It is recommended that the hall is large enough, the floor height is high enough, and the banquet area is sufficiently spacious.

2. LED screen

Do you need an LED screen? What is it useful for?

First of all, what you need to know is that in addition to the carousel showing wedding photos, LED screens can also:

① Play the daytime kiss and cut quickly;

② Play a VCR documentary of newcomers from acquaintance to love;

③ Broadcast the blessings of relatives, friends or guests who cannot be present;

④ Interpret the dreamy effect with the wedding theme;

ballerina length wedding dresses are eternal topic of fashion, which display your unique femininity. You’ll be proud of your glamorous look.

⑤ As the console screen to play the on-site lottery or other games and other operations; ...

So, if you have these operating requirements at your wedding, then the LED screen is still needed.