What should I pay attention to during an engagement celebration?-3

/October 2021

But LED screens are not suitable for all weddings, such as:

① If the venue is wide and flat, or there are many pillars, the sight of the guests is easily blocked, then the use of LED screens is of little significance.

② If it is a small and fresh outdoor wedding, then it is not suitable for matching with LED screen.

③ If the main table is set under the centre of the stage, the strong light of the LED screen will affect the guests' meals, which is not applicable. ④ If the budget is limited, then LED screens should not be considered, because the rental price of LED screens is still relatively expensive.

2. Classification of LED screens There are generally 4 types of LED screens commonly used in weddings:

① Embedded LED screens will be embedded in the background of the stage as part of the background and decorated with KT boards or veils. They are small in size and low in price.

② There is an LED screen in the middle of the combined type, and KT boards on both sides. The KT board and the LED screen together form a stage background. The overall visual effect is better, but it is difficult to build other backgrounds.

③ The single-vertical type uses a large-size LED screen as the background of the entire stage without adding any other elements. The effect of this LED screen is very gorgeous and magnificent, which can maximize the attention of guests, but the cost is high.

④ The centre of the discrete stage has its own background, but two or one LED screens are placed on both sides of the stage. Due to its relatively marginal location, it is only used for temporary playback of wedding photos or video recordings.

In general: ① If you want a good overall stage visual effect and low requirements for video playback, then choose discretely and embedded. ②If you need to play more videos, attract the attention of guests, and mobilize the atmosphere of the scene, then the combined and single vertical are more suitable for you.

3. Do you want to use the hotel's LED screen? Many hotels will bring their own LED screens and provide rental discounts, but the quality of their own LED screens is generally only at P4, P5 or even P6 level (the smaller the number, the clearer), the picture quality is relatively backward, and the picture is not clear.

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