What should I pay attention to during an engagement celebration?-4

/October 2021

The picture quality of the LED screen used in the wedding should at least reach P3 so that it looks clearer. But how to choose depends on everyone's budget. If the budget is tight and you want to use the LED screen, use the hotel; if the budget is sufficient, choose the one provided by the wedding.

Three, lighting

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There are always a variety of lights on the wedding menu. What is each of them used for? Which must-have? Let's take a look.

1. Surface light The surface light is used to fill the face of the newcomer. Only with the surface light can the camera effect be guaranteed.

●Necessity: There must be, especially when using LED screens, otherwise the face of the newcomer will be pitch black.

●Quantity: Determined according to the area of the site, generally 2-8.

2. Follow the light to follow the newcomer to move, so that a bright area is formed in the range of 2-3 meters around the newcomer, mainly to highlight the newcomer through lighting.

●Necessity: Of course it is necessary, otherwise how can everyone see where you are?

●Quantity: It is best to have two, symmetrically matched, if there is only one, it is easy to form a "yin and yang face", half of the face is bright and the other is black.

3. The LED par light is mainly used for on-site dyeing and rendering effects, that is to say, the overall light colour of the wedding scene is mainly determined by the par light. The multi-colour of the par light can be set gradually, and the light is relatively soft, which can create a dream for the scene Effect.

●Necessity: It is necessary. If you don’t use other ambient lights, the par light is necessary, because the first two lights are for newcomers, and only this one is to present the scene effect. If not, the dark field wedding can not be created. feel.

●Quantity: Determined according to the area of the site, generally 6-12.

4. The LED dyeing lamp can produce different colours of light, which can be used to render the scene effect and create a colourful and gorgeous feeling. Compared with the par lamp, the dyeing light has a strong sense of light and the light emitted is cooler.

●Necessity: Not necessarily, newcomers can decide whether they need it according to their own preferences. If you don't need an overly dazzling effect, you don't need it.

●Quantity: dozens of different, according to demand.

5. The colour of the beam light can be changed, the visual impact is relatively large, and the beam is irradiated farther, which can create the feeling of a light show and make the wedding scene more atmospheric.

●Necessity: Not necessarily. It is recommended that wedding venues with higher halls and larger areas can be considered for use.

●Quantity: depending on needs, generally 4-8.

6. Computer moving head light 360° rotatable, adjustable smart lamp, which can shake in the air and print various patterns on the wall or ceiling, such as a wedding logo, etc., to enrich the scene effect and create a dynamic atmosphere.

●Necessity: Not necessarily. Choose according to budget and needs. Those who have sufficient budget and like the effect of pattern lights can be considered.

●Quantity: depending on needs, usually 1-2.

PS: ①The "necessity" mentioned above refers to darkfield weddings, and bright field weddings do not have much demand for lighting. ②If you like a soft and romantic feeling, you can choose a face light + follow spotlight + par light + moving head light; if you like a bright and colourful feeling, you can choose face light + follow spotlight + par light + dyeing light/beam light.

The knowledge points about the T stage, LED screen and lighting are introduced here. When you look at the wedding package, you may wish to compare and choose to see if the above list is suitable for your wedding, whether it can be replaced, and confirm the quantity and material. Don't be disturbed by others. Remember, what suits you is the best!